Staunton City Public Schools

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates and the engineering design team will assess the existing school facility in terms of size, aesthetics, ADA compliance, functional layout, flexibility, expansion capability, and related criteria for its useful life. We will prepare a study identifying current as well as future space and facility needs to include conceptual floor plans, preliminary designs and cost estimates and present the results to school division staff and School Board.


The Facility Assessment will include the following:

1.   Assess the architectural and structural systems, thermal efficiency, roofing and roof
structure, asbestos abatement and other recommended requirements, adequacy/life
expectancy of mechanical and electrical systems, security/fire protection, and
2.   Recommendations for testing of areas suspected to contain asbestos or other hazardous materials.
3.   Interview building-level and division-level administrative and maintenance personnel
regarding space and programmatic needs, as well as building and site concerns.
4.   Obtain input from stakeholder groups, to include staff, students, parents and key
community leaders.
5.   Identify facility space and feature requirements based on projected programming
needs and population trends, to include instructional spaces, kitchen, maintenance &
custodial closets/work areas.
6.   Determine the requirements for the existing facility to meet all current codes and
ADA requirements, and to bring all existing space and building systems to an
educationally appropriate level.
7.   Identify athletic facilities’ needs.
8.   Provide projected schedules for completion of renovation and/or new construction.
The projected schedules shall provide a plan for accommodating and phasing the
work while school is in session.


The Architect will prepare and submit a draft report translating the above study and input into recommendations, including preliminary designs and cost estimates for the reorganization of current space, the possible need for a building addition and/or new construction.

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