Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU)

Harrisburg, PA

The new PSECU Headquarters Building is a state of the art facility designed to meet the space needs of the credit union for the next 50 years. The project addresses the office configurations and space needs of the occupants with new building systems and technology, as well as providing design and operating efficiencies for both the facility and its occupants. PSECU’s business model is to provide financial services online with no retail operations. The data center design was developed to support this model while allowing for future growth and new technology.

The objectives of the project were to solve the company’s headquarters space needs for the next ten years and accommodate for future expansion up to 400,000 sf and 1600 employees, physically realign operational units to achieve operating efficiencies and space for growth, and provide a facility with state of the art building systems to reduce the facility’s energy costs.

The project is a LEED GOLD certified project.  To achieve the level of energy efficiency needed to meet these requirements, the project utilizes an efficient under-floor air distribution system.  Another cost saving measure is the use of a co-generation system.  This system uses natural gas-powered turbine generators to generate power for the building.  Co-generation involves recovering the heat rejected by the turbine generator and using it for the chillers that cool the facility when outdoor ambient temperatures exceed 55F. When outdoor ambient temperature falls below 55F, the recovered heat will be used for building space heating and domestic water heating.  The facility has also been designed to accommodate an array of solar panels on the roof, which can reduce the buildings total energy costs by up to 2.5%.

The project has been designed with large atrium spaces and skylights to bring natural daylighting to the center of the building.  At the perimeter of the building is a system of automatic shades to maximize daylight and control glare.  These features combined with the under floor air distribution system will create a productive and positive work environment.

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