Midd West High School

Middleburg, PA

Crabtree Rohrbaugh and Associates recently completed design for Additions and Renovations to Midd-West High School to accommodate 800 students.  The High School was designed to meet U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold rating to maximize the school district’s long term capital investment while maintaining a cost effective budget and durable building materials.

Over a 30 Year Life Span of the Building it is anticipated that the sustainable design components will save approximately $3,500,000 in utility costs.  At the same time, the  cost of construction for the facility is substantially lower than the current state average for school construction.

The building was designed to reduce average yearly energy consumption by 35.8% through the use increased building insulation, high performance windows and a water source heat pump mechanical system.

Glass was used to maximize daylighting and views throughout the building and blur the line between exterior and interior space while automated dimming systems, roof overhangs, light shelves, translucent panels and blade walls help control expanses of space and glare., 82% of educational spaces within the building are naturally daylighted including classrooms, library, the music department, technical education and athletic facilities.  The unique butterfly roof was designed to maximize daylighting into the core of the facility while at the same time creating a unique identity for the facility.

The use of acoustical clouds, perforated metal deck and sound absorbing materials throughout assembly spaces and large group instruction areas help to generate proper sound levels whether one is listening to an orchestra performance or eating in a active school cafeteria.

The site has been completely redeveloped to separate bus, vehicular and pedestrian traffic and encourage a campus site resulting in interaction between the districts three building on site.

Along with these principles of “green” design the building’s use of color, extremes in scale and exposed structures, Midd-West High School fosters creativity, openness and connection throughout the school. The building is an example of social, environmental and fiscal responsibility for the future of educational architecture.

Awards & Certifications

LEED Gold Certified

“Most Innovative Project of the Year” Award Recipient by the U.S. Green Building Council

2012 AIA Central Pennsyvania Citation Award

U.S. Green Building Council 2012 Innovative Project of the Year

Honorable Mention Award – Council of Educational Facilities Planners International Northeast Region

2010 Council of Educational Facilities Planners International – Design Award, Northeast Chapter

Project Specifications



Square Footage Breakdown
88,117 SF Demolition
169,609  SF Additions
22,883 SF Renovations

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