Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences

Hazleton, PA

The new Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences creates a new STEM educational model for the Hazleton Area School District to remove the traditional barriers erected between the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, by integrating the four subjects into one cohesive means of teaching and learning. The engineering component puts emphasis on the process and design of solutions instead of the solutions themselves. This approach allows students to explore math and science in a more personalized context, while helping them to develop the critical thinking skills that can be applied to all facets of their work and academic lives. Engineering is the method that students utilize for discovery, exploration, and problem-solving.

The existing two-story 55,334 square foot building was renovated to create multiple flexible learning environments allowing integration of technology throughout the building to enhance the hybrid learning model and project based student development.

The design provides appropriate space for instructional areas, project based learning and student growth. The environment of the school provides age appropriate instructional spaces for the students to be served, creates a friendly, inviting and exciting building to accommodate the needs of partnerships and constant communication with the community, including parents and private industry.

The interior design incorporates the most efficient and cost effective health/climate technology, including controlled heating and ventilating systems, plumbing, lighting, etc. In-room cabinetry, whiteboards, display areas, soundproofing, and communications systems (voice, video, data), improve educational environments and program opportunities.

The environment is student centered by featuring display areas that can present information appealing to students and also to be used to share examples of their accomplishments. There is a sense that classroom/labs extend beyond the school walls as technology is used to bring the real world inside the school environment. Parents and community members will feel welcome and comfortable in their visits to the facility. The school environment should contribute to their confidence and pride in what District programs and community organizations using these buildings have to offer citizens.

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