Southern Precinct Headquarters & Sheriff’s Office

Edgewood, MD

The new facility is a two-story structure of a combination of masonry load-bearing and structural steel frame with a brick veneer.  The building was built on a reused, brownfield site which could have presented unique challenges but our project manager was well versed and experienced in this type of site. The building contains a regional headquarters for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office as well as their Tactical Center.

The Sheriff’s Office includes a satellite police station, including a processing (detention) area with four processing rooms (holding cells – two adult and two juvenile, which are properly separated).

The police station includes office space, a roll call room, evidence storage and processing, agency library and a monitoring center. As well as a large public meeting room.

The Tactical wing is a one story, pre-engineered building, with a brick veneer, which is attached to the police station, is primarily a storage facility for the Sheriff’s Office’s large vehicles (command bus, trailers, etc…). And  include support offices, support storage and a Special Operations squad.

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