Cumberland County Public Safety Building

Carlisle, PA

The Cumberland County Public Safety Center, including the 911 call and dispatch center were located within the basement of the County Prison.  In 2007, the County contracted with Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates to design a new facility that would meet their growing needs.  The new facility would be a state-of-the-art complex, incorporating the existing communications tower located at the current site.

We evaluated the Feasibility Study previously provided to the County and identified various cost savings approaches to maintain the security of this facility. Primary design drivers include; Physical security, Technology integration, Public Training areas, and Building sustainability.  Protection of the building was of paramount concern.  The secure portion of the building is separated from the exterior and the public areas with blast resistant construction  designed to meet the requirements of FEMA 361 including the ability to withstand winds of 190 MPH.  Natural physical barriers provide security from motor vehicles with a standoff distance of 30’.  Several accommodations are included to ensure that this facility will maintain operation in the most severe weather events.  Multiple generators provide 150% backup power with on site fuel storage.  Mechanical systems are within the envelope of the building enabling the closing off entirely from the exterior in case of airborne contaminants.

The project was bid in September of 2009 and came in $1,000,000 under budget on a $7,650,000 project scope.  Our scope of work included full design, bidding, all project permitting efforts and complete construction administration services.

The Cumberland County Public Safety Building  Garage: the detached high bay garage was designed for storage of Emergency response vehicles, such as their mobile call center. The high volume of this space is instrumental to install and maintain equipment on the Emergency Management vehicle fleet. Updating radio, microwave, and various other communication equipment is critical to the continued success of this group.

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