Gettysburg Middle School

Gettysburg, PA

The facility is designed with a “main street” which separates the large program spaces, such as the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and media center, from the academic spaces. The entry vestibule design provides security card access control and requires all visitors to enter the building through the supervised administration area. The classroom wing is designed in a system to achieve appropriate separation between grade levels. Eighth grade is located on the first floor, while sixth and seventh grade are on the second floor. The partially rectangular footprint minimizes building perimeter and allows for a more efficient HVAC system. The building angle design responds to the views of the Gettysburg battlefields and additionally maintain classrooms on an east-west axis to utilize northern and southern day light into the educational spaces. On the interior the overlapping grid creates a visually stimulating sequence of interior and exterior views throughout the building. Throughout the facility corridors are developed to employ visual and tactile domains with tackable surfacing and display boards at child height. Casework is designed for age appropriate use in each classroom.

The exterior of the building utilizes brick masonry and ground-face masonry veneer of red and gray for durability. The masonry veneer wraps into the public spaces, coupled with large amounts of natural light, blurs the transition from exterior to interior space. The interior flooring uses maroon and grays, which are networked in a grid pattern of terrazzo flooring in the lobby, main corridor and cafeteria, which continue in a sidewalk scoring pattern into the courtyard and main entry plaza.

Site work includes the straightening of Lefever Street to allow better vehicular traffic flow into the new entrance and exit driveways of the new middle school and existing Lincoln Elementary School. Separate bus drop off from the parent drop off are incorporated to avoid vehicular congestion and enhance safety. Considerations were also taken into account for pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the site. The existing athletic stadium will remain in place but will have a closer proximity to the school locker rooms. Event parking will allow visitors easier access to the athletic stadium and the new middle school gymnasium and auditorium.

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