Fulton County Courthouse, Emergency Management & Sheriff’s Office

McConnellsburg, PA

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates worked closely with Fulton County to establish the best construction method to meet the operating requirements and time line set forth by the County. Based upon our facilities study, it was decided to complete the project in three phases so county services could maintain operation or be offline for a minimal amount of time.

Phase One involved relocation of the County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) to their Children’s Services Building. The EMA and County 9-11 was relocated. Phase One also included construction of a new 60 well geothermal well field to serve the entire campus of County buildings, with the tie-in to occur in subsequent phases of this project.

Phase Two included complete renovation to the Counties Neighborhood Services Building to relocate their Probation and Domestic Relations Offices from rented space. Phase Two also included a total redesign and reconstruction of their main Courtroom, Judges Chamber, Jury Room, Restoration of the historic Bell Tower and interior renovation of all public spaces throughout the building. The Courthouse and the existing Sheriff’s Office were connected with a new, elevated, enclosed bridge to provide handicapped accessibility between the buildings.

In order to modernize their facilities, all windows were replaced and all exterior wood trim was repainted. New HVAC equipment was installed in all county buildings with connection to the new geothermal well field. The Band Shell and campus park was completely redesigned with all new pathways, plaza areas, lighting, benches, landscaping and streetscaping. Site renovations further included all new parking lots and a new subsurface stormwater management system.

Phase Three included a complete interior and exterior renovation of the historic, 160 year old, original jail building’s “front-house”, into space for the County Sheriff. All interior spaces were renovated and the exterior of the building was brought back to its original appearance with restoration of the existing porches and brick. Phase Three further involved a new, highly detailed handicapped ramp up to the main entrance and construction of a new courtyard for county employee use.

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