Brunswick County Courthouse

Lawrenceville, VA

The Brunswick County Historic Courthouse building was built in 1854 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The scope of work included evaluating options for restoring and re-purposing the building for various County Government offices, review Scope of Work for the Rehabilitation of the Old Brunswick County Courthouse, review and make recommendations regarding the current division of space in the Courthouse, potential alterations and possible uses of various spaces within the Courthouse, review historic significance of Courthouse and make any related recommendations on options, Review ingress and egress at the Courthouse and provide all necessary engineering, architectural, environmental, surveying, impact analysis, and other services related to redevelopment of the property.

Renovations to the building include extensive exterior historic restoration and facility improvements, as well as exterior masonry waterproofing and restoration, painting, and exterior doors and window upgrades. Interior improvements include the reorganization of office and support spaces, building code and accessibility upgrades, repair of water damaged areas, new interior finishes, mechanical and electrical system upgrades and removal of hazardous materials.

Project Specifications

Renovation / Historic Restoration


Square Footage
16,144 SF Renovation

County Experience

The firm has worked with county clients since inception in 1984.

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