Hollinger Senior Living

The design of the new Hollinger Senior Living facility includes 44 Assisted Living beds, 60 Skilled Nursing Bed and 10 Memory Care beds. Key support areas for the residents include central commons and dining areas, separate private dining and living areas, a rehabilitation suite, a library and a salon.

The 6,000 square foot Memory Care component utilizes some of the central services to the building, but primarily operates on its own and offers a dedicated dayroom, dining, activity, and outdoor space. The corridors are configured in loop to accommodate residents who have the need to walk often.

Finishes were carefully selected and patterns were avoided as to not disorient the residents. The amenities offered in the common spaces integrate common residential themes in order to offer familiarity to the residents.

One of the major goals of the project was to create a facility that sets itself apart from the competition and to integrate ideas which are not seen at any other facility in the area. Some of these ideas were the incorporation of nature and the outdoor environment through courtyards, generation of a more modern hospitality feel rather than the typical traditional residential look, and offering amenities not available through competitors

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