Rupert Elementary School

Pottstown, PA

Rupert Elementary School represents part of the second phase of a four building modernization of Elementary Education for the Pottstown School District. The 85 year old, University Gothic” building is part of the local historic district. The goal of the project was to restore the original character to the building while creating a 21st century educational core within the building that maximizes the communities investment.

A two story addition was added to the rear of the building to accommodate a new primary entrance, administration, music classroom and library. The addition created a loop system within the building maximizing educational adjacencies, while limiting disturbance to the three front historic facades of the building.

A large component of this renovation is to maintain the original character of the building, including approval from the Pennsylvania Historic Commission as well as create a 21st educational environment for the students. The design addressed the reorganization of the educational spaces to meet current district educational goals focusing on team teaching along with supporting specialty classes including art, music, special education and physical education.

LEED Certification elements include a “chilled beam” four pipe heating and cooling system that is 25.9% more efficient than building systems nationally, daylighted classrooms, 30% water reduction and focus on Indoor Air Quality and Environment for the Students.

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Project Specifications


Square Footage
14,610 SF New
35,345 SF Renovation

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