Yowell Elementary School

Culpeper, VA

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates designed a new Elementary School in Culpeper County Virginia.  The design is a two-story, 83,000 SF building housing K-5 grades with five classrooms per grade level.  Taking advantage of the sloping site we built the  lower level into a hillside.  This allowed the building to scale itself more appropriately to the surrounding residential neighborhood. Classrooms are organized into three two-story grade houses, allowing each grade to have its own private area of the building.  The parent drop-off and bus drop-off are separated on opposite sides of the building for safety but they are connected through a main atrium for both security and central organization in the building.  Additional program areas include a Library, Gymnasium, Stage, Cafeteria and Art and Music classrooms.  Exterior building materials include masonry, brick and metal panel, and daylighting principals for both large group areas and classrooms is being incorporated, along with sustainable design practices to create an efficient and exciting environment for children.

“The décor imbues the school with a wonderful, bright feeling, which is evident throughout the building…When you walk inside Yowell Elementary School, the excitement and energy of the staff and students is immediately obvious.”

Marla McKenna -Culpeper County Public Schools Spokeswoman

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