Lafayette Elementary School

Uniontown, PA

The existing Lafayette Elementary School was comprised of several additions dating back from 1926 and again in 1983. The urban setting and limited available space on site presented issues with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, safe student pick-up/drop zones and lacked adequate parking.

The Districts master plan identified the need to update the entire facility in order to convert the current 6-8 grade building to a K-5 elementary school, provide space to meet their programmatic needs, replace all major building systems and provide a technology infrastructure throughout.

The site was re-configured to identify clear separation of both bus and parent drop zones and increased staff and public parking. Play areas were developed with appropriate supervision and the cafeteria now allows access to an outdoor patio.

The existing 1983 two story addition was suitable to meet the new program requirements and underwent comprehensive renovations to all interior finishes and replacement of all major building systems.

Due to the limited space available, the design needed to accommodate phased construction by first completing a two story academic wing which would enable students to vacate the 1926 portion prior to demolition, then a connecting wing was constructed to join the new academic wing to the fully renovated 1983 wing.

The project features a curtain wall glass lobby and corridor which unifies the entire plan by distributing natural day lighting throughout and provides space for large events in the gymnasium/cafeteria.

The stark austere architecture of the original building has been replaced by a visually open school filled with color and with integrated technologies to provide for a stimulating learning environment. The new construction incorporates brick to match the existing west wing and also introduces contrasting materials and color by use of glazed brick and tile to express different building layers and forms.

Project Specifications



Square Footage
60,000 SF Addition
26,000 SF Renovation

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