Central Manor Elementary School

Washington Boro, PA

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates performed additions and renovations to the K-6 school to include LEED Certification. Additions include 10 new classrooms and office space.  Renovated spaces include the Administration and Kitchen. Roof, windows, casework and interior finishes were replaced, as well as HVAC and installation of a fire suppression system.

Mechanical system is now Geothermal ground source heat pump.  Hot water heating is now done through solar thermal panels.  Toilets use recycled greywater to reduce domestic water consumption.  Two locations of building are interactive Green resources areas so building can be used as an educational tool for the students.

Awards & Certifications

LEED Silver Logo
LEED Silver Certified


Project Specifications



Square Footage Breakdown
14,000 – Addition
80,000 – Renovation
94,000 – Total

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