Bainbridge Elementary School

The goals of the project, established by the client include: Program to infuse technology to enhance 21st century learning | School is a connection point with the community | Spaces and furnishings must be flexible and adaptable | Support project-based learning, encourage creativity and critical thinking incorporating the arts | Encourage collaboration and promote cross-curricular learning |Support vertical (trans grade level) learning.

The design addresses each Guiding Principle established by the client and modernized the existing Bainbridge Elementary School while supporting the educational programs for grades K-3. Originally built in 1934, the Project is sensitive to the historic nature of the School and its significance within the Community of Bainbridge.

The design improves the overall building organization and circulation, and addresses the academic need for flexible learning spaces to support 21st century learning. These spaces include movable furniture and technology and become an extension of the classroom environment through the inclusion of glass partisans walls which when opened, allow multiple classes to flow into the learning spaces easily.

Renovations to the front entrance and vestibule improve security and realign the front entrance with the corridor system. A central “Main Street” corridor connects the core facilities with the classroom pods. Throughout the existing building, various building systems were upgraded, windows where replaced the ADA issues were addressed.

Project Specifications


Square Footage Breakdown
20,200 SF New
24,140 SF Renovation

July 2018

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