Villanova Steel ORCA Research Center

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates is working with Steel Orca and Villanova University on the design of the first of its kind data research center. Steel ORCA has partnered with Villanova University and the National Science Foundation on development of the Villanova Steel ORCA Research Center (VSORC). Steel ORCA is providing space and supporting infrastructure for VSORC at their Princeton, NJ Digital Utility Center. VSORC is a 10,000 square foot research center, designed with the flexibility to perform research and development on any data center configuration. The project will utilize renovated space in the existing Steel Orca facility and includes three flexible Lab’s, a classroom, 2 offices, a conference room, and support facilities. The goal of VSORC is to support the engineering of energy conscious, high throughput, digital facilities. VSORC can be used as a production quality environment by manufacturers and service organizations to help them with design of new more efficient products and processes that will minimize energy requirements, minimize carbon footprint and maximize the effectiveness of their products’ discipline in a production digital environment.

VSORC will be managed exclusively by Villanova University and the National Science Foundation to provide objective research deliverables to be shared with the digital community for the enhancement of performance of high volume, high resource, digital facilities. Additionally VSORC provides Villanova University with a dynamic field production laboratory, for education and training of future data center managers.

In November 2011, the National Science Foundation announced the establishment of the “Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) on Energy Smart Electronic Systems (ES2),” the first such national center founded in support of the demand for research in energy efficient Data Centers and their electronic systems. The ES2 Center founding universities are Binghamton University, the lead university, and founding partners University of Texas at Arlington, Villanova University, and Georgia Tech. The universities, together with 20 founding U.S. companies including Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Verizon, Comcast and Steel ORCA have launched a first-of-its-kind collaborative research center to explore holistic approaches to energy efficiency by integrating new approaches to dynamic IT management, thermal management, complex system control, and sustainable engineering design as applied to Data Centers design and operation.

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