Reservoir Park

Harrisburg, PA

This project consisted of the historic preservation and renovation of The Mansion at the Reservoir Park in Harrisburg, PA as well as renovations and site development for the grounds adjacent to The Mansion. Renovations were undertaken to revitalize the site and building and develop them for use by the Harrisburg Park Office and the Art Association of Harrisburg.

The interior of the mansion now houses office space and a gallery space for the Art Association. An elevator and handicapped restrooms were installed and plaster walls and ceilings were refurbished. Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates worked to restore or replace the mansion’s architectural woodwork. New HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems were installed. Exterior restorations include repairs to the original slate roof, window restoration and new exterior storm windows, new gutters and downspouts and architectural woodwork repair and repainting. A new handicap ramp leads to the main porch.

The grounds around The Mansion were developed and restored to create an artist’s community. A series of five pavilions between The Mansion and the neighboring Brownstone building on Whitehall Street now provide a space for artisans to work and display and sell their crafts. The Brownstone building itself, which had been until recently used for storage, was renovated both inside and out to accommodate space for community programs as part of The Mayor’s Urban Motivational Outreach Program. These free programs include The Family Outreach Program, English as a Second Language, Youth/Adult Peer Mentor Project, Community Awareness Project and Arts and Education Project.

A new park ranger structure at the entrance to the park now serves as a home base for the rangers as well as a visitor information center. All new structures are designed to complement the original Mansion and Brownstone buildings.

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