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During this year’s Pennsylvania School Board Association Annual Conference, Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates was a Learning Lab presenter.  Learning Labs are an extension of the exhibit hall were conference attendees can learn from industry experts.  Our topic highlighted Designing a 21st Century School on Budget – Innovation meets Cost Effective Design.  The presentation reviewed how in today’s fiscally challenged school market, how we design for 21st Century Learning Environments while maintaining a reasonable budget? In the session we explored two case studies where the architect designed 21st Century Schools with a set budget established by the client, and these facilities were the two lowest-cost schools designed in Pennsylvania for that year. We also examined how to create efficient, effective, innovative 21st Century Learning Environments that maximize return on investment in terms of minimized construction and operational costs as well as maximized learning opportunity. Our team discussed building constructability, what a 21st Century Environment is and is not, and how to design a building that allows for both. Attendees took away ideas for the planning process and creating flexible learning environments, and saw how these educators are using the spaces. A link to the presentation is below:

PSBA Presentation 2017

PDE recently released the data for the new schools and Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates recently designed new schools were all recognized for their cost effective design.  They are as follows:

Lowest Cost School Construction and PDE Report 30.

K-12 Experience

The firm has designed more than $3.5 Billion of educational projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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